Project Description

It is the capital of Amhara region situated on the southern shore of Lake Tana and it’s one of the leading tourist destination in Ethiopia with a variety of attractions in the nearby largest Lake Tana and Blue Nile spectacular waterfall. The city known as for its wide avenues lined up with palm trees and variety of colourful flowers like jacaranda, African golden tulip. Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia with a total surface area of 3,673km2 and it is also the source of Blue Nile. Averaging some 14metres in depth and dotted with more 40 small, medium and large islands which inhabited more than 14 different types of fishes and 53 bird species.

Monasteries of Lake Tana and Zegie Peninsula is a home of 37 islands that makes Lake Tana the most breathtaking sites and a popular local legend has it that seven of the most 14th century monasteries. These are Ura-Kidanemihret, Kibran Gebriel, Debre Mariyam, Dega Estifanos, Azewa Mariyam, Narga Selassie and Aba Entos.