Project Description

The spectacular Blue Nile falls, known as “Tis Abay” are found 30km South of Bahir Dar. The fall plunges over a 45m high rock face to form one of Africa’s most spectacular waterfall. The cascading that plunges down the chasm produces a continuous spray of water droplets and mist that make the area look as if it was covered with smoke, the subsequent rainbows that shift and shimmer across the gorge and the green scenery are sources of exceptional pleasure.

The 18th century traveler James Bruce who is often credited as the first European to see Tis Isat described the waterfall as a “magnificent sight, that ages added to the greatest length of human life, would not efface or eradicate from my memory, it struck me with a kind of stupor and a total of oblivion of where I was, and of every sublunary concern”.